Rubber blades vs. steel blades?

When purchasing a SoRoTo® Forced Action Mixer you chose whether you want it delivered with steel or rubber blades. 
The standard version on the smaller models ( 40 L - 120 L) is with steel, and the larger models (200 L and 300 L) are with rubber blades as their standard - but you can get whatever you want.

The rubber blades are used for mixing product containing aggregates, such as concrete. The reason for using rubber blades for this is that they are much more flexible than the steel blades. You're saving the gears as well as the drum a lot of unneccesary toll. You should be using rubber blades for mixing aggregates of more than 8mm.

We recommend buying the standard version and additionally purchasing a complete set of mixing arms of the other kind than the standard. This way you get two machines in one - and the mixing systems can be interchanged without the use of any tools.

*The SoRoTo® Forced Action Mixer 40 L and 65-Light cannot be purchased with rubber blades.