How to maintain and clean my forced action mixer

Please clean the mixer after every use.

Remember to remove the mixer arms when cleaning, to ensure that no material gets caught between the shaft/axel and the mixer arms.

BEWARE no electrical parts get water.

Also, remember to lubricate your machine on a regular basis.

If your mixer has been miskept, and a lot of hard material is stuck in the machine, it could be an idea to use EASY HAMMER or GEL HAMMER.

Special treatment when mixing with glue/resin:

When mixing with glue or resin, you can burn og clean with very hot water.
(Beware: only use steel blades for mixing resin/glue)
Sometimes the mixer gate becomes stuck when mixing resin/glue.It can be avoided if you clean with a soft brush and some white spirit in between every mix, but if it happens, you heat the gate with a hot airgun or a blow torch. When it has softened, you should be able to remove it with a metal wall paper scraper or the like.


How to clean your SoRoTo® Forced Action Mixer